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Where's My Hand and The Weak Leg Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Where's My Hand and The Weak Leg - Essay ExampleThe doctors settled on gluco-corticoids to ease inflammation and edema. Robert never got an administration of tPA because the treatment worsens hemorrhage. This revealed that Robert’s CVA stemmed from his hypertension disorder, whereby it weakened blood arteries that later ruptured and culminated to a hemorrhage (Monks, 2003). The first CVA encounter interfered with Robert’s left-brain, evidenced by an inability to speak. In addition, the hemorrhage also impaired adjacent motor neurons present in the right side, thereby causing left flaccidity. Flaccidity meant that his left side lacked turgidity, thereby appearing saggy or demonstrating a deficit in muscle tone. However, this flaccidity usually never stays for long but rather vanishes within sometime despite having mobility problems.The immediate efforts accompanying Robert’s medication would be engaging him in rehabilitation. The team in the rehabilitation would entail the motive of evading inactivity that triggers muscle contractures and fixation inabilities or paralysis in acute conditions (A.D.A.M., 2011). A physical therapist would aid in regaining motion abilities that constitute of balancing and coordination among others. The physical therapist will aid prevent contractures in Robert via such activities like stretching alongside splinting. Secondly, he will help him regain alignment by engaging him in using such appliances as braces meant for support in the arms together with tennis shoes to evade foot drops. Thirdly, he may also engage Robert in sitting exercises to strengthen muscles in the trunk. An occupational therapist serves obligatory in ascertaining that Robert gains independence. For instance, he would assist in things like hygiene together with easy motion practices. A speech pathologist ascertains that he regains his talking achieved through tongue strengthening (A.D.A.M., 2011). He would also aid Robert in restoring any cognitive disorders experienced, which include


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